Utah Valley wide view

Visit Utah GeoTour®

A GeoTour is a great way to explore new places in Utah Valley! The Utah Office of Tourism is sponsoring the Visit Utah GeoTour®, a geocache activity with caches throughout the state. There are 5 caches in Utah Valley to find. Find at least 3 out of the 5 caches and you can collect your special Utah Valley geocache patch. To get this patch, you are required to take an online survey that you can access here, and when completed, The Utah Office of Tourism will send you a patch!

Watch the video to learn more about Geocaching! 

Here are the 5 places you'll find the Utah Valley Geocaches. Check out the links to find more information about each geocache site and learn about the area! When you decide to visit the geocache, please note the opening and closing times for each site.