Want to save some dough? Provo's got you.

Hi and welcome to Provo! If you are a conference, meeting, or convention attendee, this page is for you. We all know that while traveling (or any time), it is nice to save some extra cash. Below are all of the Provo Businesses who appreciate your conference coming into town and want to thank you by offering a discount when you visit them. Scroll over each of the business names listed below to see what discount they are offering.

While walking around, you may also look for the bright orange and pink double check mark (as shown at the top of this page) hanging in store front windows. If any business is sporting a vinyl sticker of that logo, that means they are participating in this Show Your Badge Discount Program. Simply walk in, look around, and then at check-out, show them your convention badge, agenda, etc. (some sort of proof that you are visiting for a conference, meeting or convention), and the discount will be applied. 

Thanks again for visiting us here in Provo! We look forward to showing you some of the fantastic and unique things that we have to offer. 








Questions about Show your Badge Program? Contact Kelsey at 801-362-9672 or kelsey@utahvalley.com.
Please direct questions regarding a specific restaurant or venue directly to them.