Utah County boasts over 900 diverse restaurants, offering something for everyone. From family-friendly spots to top-rated establishments like the Tree Room at Sundance Resort, you'll find authentic international cuisine and satisfying dining experiences throughout the area. Whether you seek American cuisine in American Fork, barbecue on State St. in Orem, fast food in Spanish Fork, or award-winning dining in Provo, you're in for a culinary treat.

For more on the Downtown Provo dining area, download this guide.

Lunch & Dinner

Get set for a flavor-filled journey in Utah County! Discover our top picks for lunch and dinner, from hidden gems to pizza and burgers. Explore the "10 Best Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants," "5 Best Pizzas," and "5 Best Burgers." Let's dig in!

 Fine Dining & Date Night

Get ready for a romantic culinary journey in Utah County! Explore our top picks for exquisite evenings, from cozy spots to special occasions. Check out our curated lists: "5 Upscale Restaurants in Utah Valley," "Perfect First Date Spots," and "Vegan/Vegetarian Delights." Let's elevate your dining experience!

 Drinks & Desserts

Get ready to satisfy your cravings in Utah County! We've got your ultimate guide to beverages and desserts, including "Utah Soda Shops" with Dirty Soda, the "5 Best Bars in Utah County," the "Best Hot Chocolate Spots," and "5 Best Ice-Cream Places near Provo." Let's dive into a world of deliciousness!

8 Top Provo Restaurants

Full of some of the best restaurants in Utah County, Center Street in Provo is one of the best places to find food. You'll find anything from a delicious coffee shop, to pizza, to a high-end meal at Communal or Black Sheep.