We have the tools to help you find your way around town. Our interactive Utah Valley map (below) includes physical features of Utah Valley, as well as cities, attractions, lodging, and dining in the area. Click around the interactive map for information, or download a free Utah Valley brochure and map. For a hiking and biking trails map, visit Utah County's website, or see our list of 50 Hikes in Utah Valley (each trailhead has a link to a map with its location). For information on Downtown Provo parking, download this map.

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Approximate Minutes from
Utah Valley
  • Sundance Resort 20 min
  • Salt Lake City 43 min
  • Salt Lake Intl. Airport 45 min
  • Salt Lake Ski Resorts 35 min
  • Park City 55 min
  • Arches National Park 2 hrs 45 min
  • Capital Reef National Park 2 hrs 45 min
  • Bryce Canyon National Park 3 hrs
  • Canyonlands National Park 3 hrs
  • Zion National Park 3 hrs 30 min
  • Yellowstone National Park 5 hrs 9 min