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Posted On September 25, 2016 5 Outdoor Places to Visit in Provo, Utah

Although it is the third largest city in Utah, Provo isn't a place that most people outside of the area have heard of. Located just 43 miles outside of Salt Lake City, Provo has a population of just... more

Posted On September 25, 2016

Roll With It Now Open

Roll With It Creamery is now open in Downtown Provo serving up hand-rolled Thai ice cream. Stop by and try it for yourself at 63 E. Center Street.... more

Posted On September 25, 2016

4 Tips on Making a Short Film

Making a short film, or any film for that matter can be a lot of amazing fun. But most of the time, making a movie is very stressful and filled with problems. I recently made my most recent short film... more

Posted On September 25, 2016

25 beautiful photos of Utah ice castles

Daily Herald photographers capture life every day in Utah County. Each week we will feature 25 of their best photos on a particular subject. Each year, as winter weather sets in, ice castles are... more

Posted On September 25, 2016

10 Facts You Didn't Know About the Provo Tabernacle

Sure you may have attended dozens of meetings and performances in the building. But do you know unique tidbits from its century of history? Here are 10 interesting facts about the Provo Tabernacle.... more

Posted On September 25, 2016

25 photos to remind you of the beauty of Utah Lake

Let's face it, Utah Lake gets a bad wrap. People call it dirty and shallow, but over the years, Daily Herald photographers have captured some great photos of it. And, while you may think that the... more

Posted On September 25, 2016

Your Complete Guide to EVERY Haunted House & Corn Maze

Your Complete Guide To EVERY Haunted House & Corn Maze Along The Wasatch Front. All the scariness! All the pumpkins! We'll make sure you're traumatized for life this October. (Insert evil laughter... more

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