Wild Zucchini Grill

  • 496 N 991 W
  • American Fork, UT 84003
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  • Overview
    In recent years, the casual fast food restaurant has been taking hold of Americans that are tired of low-quality, unhealthy fast food chains. Wild Zucchini Grill fits that niche in the market and American Fork residents are loving it. The restaurant focuses on fresh ingredients and customization, while operating on an assembly line that is somewhat reminiscent of cafeterias. Wild Zucchini customers first choose a base: piadina, pasta, salad, or pizza. Then they are given six options of meats from the grill, and six choices of sauces. Lastly, eager patrons select their favorite extras: veggies, cheeses, and specialty meats to truly make their creation their own. Locals love the ability to get food that is quick, healthy, and totally personalized.