Historic Utah County Courthouse

  • 51 South University Avenue
  • Provo, UT 84601
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  • Overview
    The Utah County Courthouse has served as a symbol of county and community pride since its dedication on December 5, 1926.   Utah buildings carry very little sculpture of any kind, but this building has a symbolic sculptural group in pediment above the entrance. It was designed by the architect Joseph Nelson and executed by sculptor Joseph Conradi. The group is as follows: The figure of Justice stands in the center. On her right sits a woman representing the County of Utah.  Various arts and industries are represented at her side: horticulture, dairying, mining, sheep-raising, and poultry farming. On the other side of Justice sits Provo City. She is flanked by the harp and the viol, the face, the cog-wheel, a stack of books, and an artist's palette.
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