Busath Photography

  • 212 North 500 West
  • Provo, UT 84601
  • (801) 373-5005
We’ve always been more interested in the art than in the sale.

For 50 years, Busath photographers have made beautiful, honest portraits. We’re not much into trends here. Maybe that’s why some people compare us more to painters than commercial photographers. We’ve made official portraits for 4 Governors, 5 Mayors, 3 LDS Church Presidents, even George W. Bush with world leaders at the Olympics. You’ll see our portraits at Symphony Hall, in universities, hospitals and theaters.
But our favorite work is done for non-celebrities. Every assignment has great potential for us, (the next Mona Lisa or at least family heirloom) whether it’s your newborn baby, your 17 year-old or your family.