Baci Wedding Photography

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  • Provo, UT 84605
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Nothing inspires creativity like an actual event, and each wedding is unique if only for the relationships on display. It is sinful, therefore, to limit photographs to a series of posed portraits! Great photographs are more revealing and evoke a number of emotions. Leaving you with a more enduring and permanent record of the real moments of your wedding.

Since it's inception,  Baci  Photography's commitment to change was evident- change from the, once unalterable, portrait studio. Ultimately, wedding coverage would never be the same. Over a decade ago, when event photography started and stopped with traditional, group portraits,  Baci  started … and never stopped their uninterrupted coverage of events, ensuring their cameras were receptive to every unexpected moment: Understanding that a  Baci  product provides an intimate bond with future generations and finally defines our culture to those who follow.
  • No hourly limits
  • No minimum to buy
  • Both B&W and color coverage
  • Two photographers
  • No after-selling