Event Guidelines

When submitting your event to our calendar please remember:

  • Events must take place in Utah County
  • Events must be open to the general public
  • Events should be of interest to both locals and visitors.
    • If you ask yourself "Does my event appeal to people on vacation?" and the answer is no, it will likely be denied
  • Events should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of their starting date. This increases visibility of your event.
  • Images should be submitted with the event using a 3:2 aspect ratio and sized to fit 600x400 pixels
    • Flyers and images that don't fit these dimensions are likely to be cut off and don't format well.


Once the form is filled out, the staff at Explore Utah Valley will review your event. We reserve the right to deny any event we feel does not adhere to our guidelines. If you need to delete your event, or make any edits after it's been submitted, please contact us at