Watercolors with Emily Thomas

  • 53 W Main St
  • American Fork, UT 84003
  • Presented By: Timpanogos Arts Foundation
  • Dates: 9/20/2023 - 10/25/2023
  • Location: Timpanogos Arts Foundation - Arts Center
  • Time: 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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  • Overview
    Ages: AdultsClass Size: 10Cost: $150Day : Wednesdays (7 week Class)Classes Start: September 13thTime: 5-7:30pmLocation:  TAF Creative Arts Center 53 W. Main St. American ForkSupplies: A supply list will be provided on 1st day of class; hold off on purchasing supplies until then.Instructor:  Emily Thomas has taught at Timberline Middle School for the past 14 years and teaches only art now. Although she enjoys her students and teaching, she also loves creating her own art. Over the past four or five years, she has fallen in love with watercolors. Her artworks speaks for it’s self.  To see her work check out emilythomasfineart.comBeginning Watercolor Class ScheduleDates: Wednesday of each week from approximately 5:30 – 7:30 pm. We will start on September 13th and then have class on September 20th, 27th, October 4th, 11th, 18st and 25th.Materials needed: (Don’t buy anything until you come to class the first night and I show you what to get. Don’t waste money on terrible supplies.) See supply list on back page.Week One/Discussion – Introductions. If you feel comfortable doing it, please bring a piece of artwork you have done to share with the class and also consider what you want to learn to paint. We will go over the supply list and I will show you what to purchase for the class and clarify or answer any questions.Lesson for Week One – Developing fresh washes (flat, graded, variegated and wet- in -wet painting. Then, the importance of using simple shapes to draw your composition….simplify, simplify. I will also show you how to prepare watercolor paper for painting and also how to transfer a picture if you don’t feel up to drawing yet. I will do several demonstrations and you will try a flat, a graded, and a wet in wet wash. Homework: TBDWeek Two/Discussion – Look at homework from previous week. I will bring some of my first paintings and show you things I have struggled with.Lesson for Week Two – Value trumps color. Understanding the importance of value in art and learning to identify value and create the values we need. Also, the importance of sketchbook practice. I will demo a monochromatic value painting. You will do several and we will then apply it to a simple landscape. Homework: TBD You need to bring a photograph for me to approve for your first painting project next week. Look for good values and something you can accurately draw and be successful painting.Week Three Discussion – What are you struggling with? How are the washes going? Can you paint four values in a monochromatic color scheme? (tea, milk principle)Lesson for Week Three  – Basic color wheel. Most of you know your color wheel ... if not, we will discuss it and also discuss color schemes and how to make your composition “sing” with color harmony.  We will look at complementary color, analogous color, triadic color and how to mix neutrals. I will demo and then you will know my socks off and paint something using one of these color schemes. I will provide pictures you can choose from. Homework: TBD Also, tonight bring your completed drawing, stapled, taped down and ready to paint.Week Four/Discussion – critique homework from past week. Address issues and problems. Demo solutions.Lesson for Week Four – I am going to demo a painting tonight. We will discuss various techniques for painting a watercolor including beginning with a unifying wash or underpainting, and using simple blocks of color for initial lay in. I will demo each method. While we wait for it to dry, you will begin your painting and I will troubleshoot any issues. Homework: TBD.Week five/ Discussion – Let’s have it. How are you feeling? What do you want to talk about or have me demo? What do you need specific help with? This is your class so chime in.Lesson plan for Week Five – How to glaze and create texture with watercolor. We will try a bunch of different techniques including: salt, masking, scraping, lifting, plastic wrap, glazing, dry brush, etc.  Also, we will look at fundamentals of line in our paintings and how to vary line to create interest and variety. Lastly, what is focal point and how do we create it? Homework TBD.Week Six/Discussion – Putting it all together. Talk about matting and framing options and any questions you have now. Remember, watercolor isn’t for sissies, it is hard to do and takes lots of practice.Lesson for Week Six – Importance of continual sketchbook practice. Sketch two quick draw pics with value separations. Do you have a focal point? Are you using contrast? Have you created interest for the viewer? Paint them quickly (20 minutes or less.) Don’t fuss with it. Discuss the final project and work on it. I will help anyone who needs help.Week Seven Discussion/Lesson -  Work on your final. Let’s have treats. You have earned them. Also, the good, the bad and the ugly. Don’t worry, I will explain later. It is a kind of self-evaluation of your growth and progress. Set a goal for the future. Teacher evaluationsMaterials needed: 1 mechanical pencil, sketchbook with good watercolor paper ( I like Strathmore Visual Journal with 140 pd. Watercolor paper in it.) A watercolor palette with 16 wells (you choose the one you like best ) I’ll show you different options. Two sheets of Arches 140 pd. Watercolor paper. We will need more but wait till we discuss it.Brushes: 10”, 6:”, 2” round, ¾ flat, ½ flat and maybe a liner. I will show you some of my favorites.Paints: My favorites are Daniels Smith. I don’t care what you bring as long as they are not student grade. Windsor Newton makes good ones as well. Buy small ones until you see if you are going to be a watercolorist. Try to get a cadmium yellow light, new gamboge, cadmium red, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue and cerulean blue. I also love indigo, sap green and burnt sienna. If you have a warm and cool of each of the primaries, we can mix most anything else. You will also need a ruler, masking tape, a foam core board ... I will show you so don’t buy this yet and maybe frisket?
    Dates: 9/20/2023, 9/27/2023, 10/4/2023, 10/11/2023, 10/18/2023, 10/25/2023