Trilogy Challenge Disc Golf Tournament at Highland Fling

  • 5959 West Beacon Hill Blvd.
  • Highland, UT 84003
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  • Overview

    The Trilogy Challenge is your chance to prove your skill with a level playing field in regards to discs. Players are only allowed to play in the tournament with the three 2019 discs they receive in their player pack; if a disc is lost during the round, they must finish the round without it.

    Tournament will be held at the 18-hole disc golf course, the Beacon Hill Park Disc Golf Course. Both red and blue tee options are available throughout the course. It offers incredible views of Utah Valley, Utah Lake, and the Rocky Mountains that surround the cities of Highland and Alpine. Nestled on a large expanse of open grass and natural fields in northern Highland and western edge of Alpine at the base of Hog Hollow Canyon, the park and course has a (usually) dry creek that runs through it, with a few bluffs perfect for hucking discs into well placed baskets in the forest below.

    Course map & details available at: