Timpanogos Transformation

  • Phone: (800) 892-1600
  • Time: 7:45 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Price: $595

The Timpanogus Transformation retreat will forever change the way you view and approach life! Far too many people have become disconnected from the earth and our environment. Native American people have known about the healing aspects of Mother Earth for centuries, and unfortunately much of this knowledge has been ignored or forgotten in modern day life.

Join Brent Burnham, Kim Dastrup and Siraj Paletta for the retreat of a lifetime!

Our journey begins with a morning gathering to set a personal intention and sacred flame activity. Followed by a lift ride to Bear Claw summit for morning meditation and sun salutation yoga practice surrounded by breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains. A delightful brunch will be served with a brief discussion on mindful eating prior to our lift ride back down to base.

The journey continues with an introduction to the Ute relationship to the horse as a spirit animal as we embark on a mindful journey through the beautiful autumn forest arriving at our gathering place in the meadow.

Our journey continues with a lift ride to the base where we will saddle up for a spiritual and serene horseback ride through the beautiful autumn forest for your medicine wheel journey led by Siraj Paletta. A special smudging ceremony will take place offering blessings to the seven sacred directions. Learn about the ancient wisdom or “medicine way” to promote healing and wellness. We will close the circle with the “talking stick” sharing from the heart and to learn about the rock people as a protector on our return horseback journey.

The retreat will conclude with a moving Mindfulness meditation, departing messages and discussion.

Timpanogos Transformation