Things To Do

Utah County is only 35 minutes south of Salt Lake City, but it’s a whole new world of exciting activities in Utah. You’ll find activities for every season of the year. You can find activities of interest in each of our Utah Valley communities listed below, followed by a complete listing of events throughout the valley.

You may also download an activity guide and map here. If you are looking for some suggested itineraries, click here


Plant Nursery Locations

In Utah County, you'll discover several plant nurseries. These nurseries offer a variety of plants and knowledge for local gardeners and plant enthusiasts. Take a closer look at these essential plant nursery locations in the area.

Local Events

Excursion Spotlight

Utah National Parks

Who knows when you will be in Utah next, so you might as well add a few days pre or post-event and see some or all of the 'Big 5' National Parks! Only a few hours south of Provo, you can find many natural beauties that are incomparable.

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