I suggest pressing play while you read the rest of this post. 

Just when I thought I had experienced all the typical Halloween activities, I was proven wrong once again. Saturday night C and I went on a trip that can pretty much only be explained through our pictures. 

We traveled out to Camp Floyd to participate in some ghost hunting. Yes, ghost hunting. We arrived around 7PM when the sun was just about down. It was the perfect eerie setting for this small and possibly haunted town. Our adventure started in an old school house where we watched a presentation on ghost hunting and learned different techniques. They showed us what to look for in pictures and showed examples of previous participants photos. After that, they shut off the lights to all the buildings and we were on our own for a ghost hunt. Now the reason I told you to play the song above is because that is what was going through my head the entire night. I was a ghost buster!! 

Here are some photos from our ghost hunt. The grey orbs are considered to be the presence of ghosts. You can decide for yourself if they really are...

Our first attempt at catching ghosts. C thought it was my camera that had the blob, but then it disappeared...

Ghost on top of the school???

One group member wanted a moment of silence to try and reach out to the ghosts. Notice how all the orbs gravitate toward her.

I had no idea who was coming out, but I snapped a photo and it was the lady who called out to the ghosts. Coincidence that the giant orb is by her? 
We tried talking to them too. Looks like a couple of them showed up

I couldn't resist a cute couple shot :)

Camp Floyd only puts on two ghost hunts each year and unfortunately the other session is already filled up. But check out this site so you have it on hand for next year! You'll want to hurry and book your trip before they fill up!