The name BYU Education Week might ring some bells for most in Utah County, but you might not know quite what it is. We're here to answer your questions!

Basically, Education Week is a tradition started in 1922 that focuses in on adult education. You can practically take a class on everything or rather listen to a speaker for some motivation to realignyour life goals. The classes run for one week and utilize Brigham Young  University (Provo, Utah) to present more than 1,000 classes.  Like we said, you basically can take a class on anything! Including: education, religion, marriage,  family relations, health, history, genealogy, science, youth interests, and many other areas.

If you'd like to volunteer to help with BYU Education Week, jump on over to our website at: and give the program a call.  If you work for 4 hours, you can snag yourself a free class pass.