I personally can't wait for the weekend to get here. While I look forward to the weekend...well always, I'm particulary excited for this Friday and Saturday. What, you might ask, has me so anxious to lock up early and run out of my office on Friday afternoon (which I won't be doing, but I am tempted)? The Cotopaxi Questival. I'm so excited for this event, it's borderline ridiculous. The "Cotopaxi's Questival is a social adventure race (a scavenger hunt on steroids) where teams of 2-6 people complete crazy challenges to win trips, gear, and more. It's like The Amazing Race crammed into 24 insane hours- but with more llamas." Teams are given a list of scavenger hunt items where they can pick which ones they'd like to do. Some examples from the past include: visit a national park, take a trail you've never taken before, perform service in a soup kitchen, eat street tacos with no hands etc. Winners from each city in which Questival takes place win a trip to South America to compete in an advanced version of Questival. Those winners win a trip around the world. Questival will start at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi on Friday night and run through Saturday. If you're not up for a 24 hour experience, they do have a 4 or 8 hour version, but you won't be qualified for the winners trip to South America. This experience is going to be epic, but you're going want to sign up soon, as registration is almost over!

Things I would be doing this weekend if I weren't participating in Questival

1. The Tulip Festival. That's right ladies and gents, this annual festival will open up this weekend! It goes through May 9th but if you go during the first few weeks the tulips will be at their peak!

2. Quest of the Pony Express 5k Run. This run takes place at Camp Floyd in Fairfield. You get to reinact the part of a pony express rider and you get some really cool swag. 

3. BYU's BFA New York Showcase. BYU's graduating seniors will be previewing their musical/dance/theater numbers they'll be showcasing in New York. Sure to be great entertainment.

4. The Utah Dance Film Festival. This is the 2nd annual Utah Dance Film Festival being held at the Provo Library. Since I could eat, sleep and breathe So You Think You Can Dance, I'd love to get the inside scoop on a dancers life. Expect documentaries and great dancing!

 There are so many event going on this weekend, and I'm sure my list would differ from yours. Check out our calendar and see what events you'd want to add to your weekend itinerary!