It's time for another home game, one of the most important home games of the season: The Holy War. BYU's home state rivals will be making their way south to LaVell Edwards Stadium and we are here to give you tips on how to enjoy the last Holy War game in three years.

1. Take a photo with a campus statue. Each year the campus police wrap the statues in plastic to protect them from damage.      
2. Wear your Cougar blue. Most games you're fine with a blue t-shirt, but not at this one. Go all out, blue face paint, blue hair, blue everything.  Dressing up for the game is all part of the fun, and because the game is earlier in the season this year, it isn't going to be so cold so you have more options.
3. Ride the bus. If you're not there early you might have to walk up to a mile from your parking spot. To help with this Utah Transit Authority is offering extra FrontRunner trains and late-night TRAX service for the game. They are also offering direct bus service to the stadium from FrontRunner stops in Orem and Provo. So get on the train and use the free wifi to look at these photos of the rivalry over the last 20 years (
4. Know your history. People will be talking about the 1996 win and that time Jonny Harline caught the ball on the last play of the game at Rices-Eccles Stadium. If you don't know the whole history of the game from 1896 to today we are here to help. Just say the name LaVell and the words "the 80's" and your good to go. If you want more info check out the Holy War's Wikipedia page for the full listing of who won what.
5. Play nice, remember that next week we all go back to being friends. Our office is divided, and by divided I mean we have 10 BYU fans and 1 Utah fan. We all have a lot of fun talking smack this week and we don't let it get us down. So don't dump beer on Max Hall's family or spit on anyone wearing red. Have fun and keep it classy.