The old Nordstrom space at the University Mall has been morphed into a Christmas Gift Winter Wonderland! Vendors of all types have gathered in the space to display and sell a variety of their own products. There are several great clothing vendors, art, jewelry, holiday decor, etc. Of course, we spent our time this weekend checking things out so we could give you the update! Naturally, we also spent our share on gifts galore and we couldn't be happier about it. One of our favorite items was the unique, personalized photo displays for missionaries, families, and friends. We suggest you hop on over to the University Mall today to check things out for yourself! Promise, you won't walk away empty handed. Days of operation are November 23, 24, 26 & November 30, December 1, 3

Here's a couple photos just to tease you!

 And by the way, there is also a Christmas tree decoration competition going on. Several business in the mall have created their own tree to be put on display and judged. They are beautiful and great to keep the kids entertained...and give you ideas for your own tree!