We have all heard it. We all know it. That famous phrase we love to recite when trying to be cool..."the name's Bond, James Bond." With that in mind, I think we went on our most creative date yet.

I received this top secret letter (I got special permission to share with you) about a week before we went out, with the details of our mission.
I'm sorry, how cute and clever is this?! Once I got this, I couldn't wait to go on the date!

We paired up with another couple for this James Bond adventure. Each couple was responsible for creating tasks and clues for the other couple. Each clue had a task associated with it. We capped off our clues at 4 before you had to make your way to the cocktail party. Colby and I created our clues the day before and talked with businesses that would be taking part in our date so they had a heads up.

After decoding the secret phrase, we made our way to our staring point where we exchanged clues and practiced using our highly effective weapons (Nerf guns).

Here are a couple videos from some of our tasks
Throwing a banana at a couple having a DTR

Yes we got quite a few looks and stares, but it was totally worth it! We were having the time of our life. The last video is where we made our final "kill" before heading on to the cocktail party.

One reason this date was so fun was because of all the places we got to go to. We drove all around town trying to hurry and complete these tasks. It was awesome. Every place we went to people knew we were up to something. It was hilarious watching them watch us.

And in case anyone was wondering...we won :)