The Family Tree Restaurant in Santaquin produces more than delicious family home cooking for its patrons. Guests and employees both have felt the presence of ghosts, who are said to inhabit the Main Street structure, stacking furniture, seeing shadowy figures, hearing growls, unexplained banging and noises or the spirits touching them in passing. The family has always seen and heard things that they could only explain as ghost activity. Most of the claimed occurrences happen in the basement of the restaurant, but they have been known to occur throughout the entire location. One such account claims a clock’s broken second hand started working again, only in reverse, for several hours. There have also been several occasions that the owners of the restaurant have come into their business in the morning only to find chairs stacked on tables. A small boy, said to be about 7 to 8 years old, with an old fashioned “bowl” hair cut fashioned into his dark hair and a long, skinny face has been seen on numerous occasions by the proprietors.  

One guest stated constant feelings of being observed and watched in both bathrooms as well as in the West Room and in the basement areas. In the kitchen area they experienced that some spirits were there and at least one was trying to communicate with them directly by making noises near the telephone and the bread that was lying out on the table. In the West Room area they saw shadows that moved around the floor near the bathroom entrances and in the top corner of the room there appeared a black, misty form that liked to stay up near the ceiling. The guest also claimed tickling on the back of their neck in the West Room. The guest went on to say they experienced overwhelming feelings of extreme unfairness for the other sprits who were trapped and felt the urge to provoke the hovering “misty form” and the other possessive and controlling male spirit, to try to and seek justice for the other trapped spirits.

Another guest claims while in the basement of the restaurant, they heard footsteps above them on three separate occasions and felt extreme tingling on the back of their neck on several occasions. They say they also saw shadows observing them from all around he room, giving them the feeling they were weak and powerless, and then feeling something/someone tug at the back of their shirt.

A third guest says in the back room area, behind the kitchen, they kept thinking they were seeing something down one of the hallways. They claim seeing something peek it’s head out from the corner of an old bathroom or hallway. Other people with the guest stated they saw the same thing as well. In that same area and also in the basement, feelings of something or someone right behind them were watching them.

It is believed that what's holding many of the spirits here is an American Indian curse laid on the area by a local tribe angry at the white settlers.

Black mist in the upper left corner

White mist in the middle of the photo