Hello everyone! My name is Andrew and I'm new to this blog, but I'll be posting Restaurant Spotlights about great places to eat in Utah Valley, so stay tuned for future posts!

Last week I had the chance to visit a classic Provo restaurant that has been transformed, and now it's better than ever. Sammy's has been a staple in Downtown Provo for a long time, and locals and out-of-towners alike have enjoyed its burgers, fries, and pie shakes for years. Sammy's was recently purchased by two brothers, Alex and Isaac Ames, and they have renamed it "Zeek's Pie Shake Parlour." The name "Zeek" comes from a nickname that Alex had for Issac when they were growing up.

The Ames brothers worked at Sammy's for many years, and they know the ins and outs of the business. Their dream is to take Zeek's to new heights in terms of quality, while still maintaining the classic diner feel that made Sammy's famous.

I met with Alex heade it clear that nothing has changed in terms of menu items. The same burgers, fries, and pie shakes that made Sammy's famous will continue to be served. What has changed, however, is the quality of ingredients. Alex let me know that he will not cut corners when it comes to making high-quality food, and he intends to team up with local food vendors (much like Communal) to ensure the freshest ingredients possible.

Alex told us that he hopes to turn Zeek's into a popular hangout spot by hosting live music events in the vacant lot next to their restaurant. He said that he is focused on building up Zeek's as a cultural experience as well as restaurant experience.

Check out Zeek's for yourself, located at 27 North 100 West in Downtown Provo. They're open until midnight on weekdays and Saturday, 1 AM on Friday, closed Sundays. Alex's recommendations include the "First Timer" burger if it's your first visit, or the "Messie Jessie" or "Bromance" burgers. As far as pie shakes go, Alex recommends Banana Cream. I personally was able to try the Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie Shake and it was delicious! Whatever you decide to eat, you can't go wrong at Zeek's. 

Zeek's in Provo is open for business

Zeek's pays homage to the old Sammy's classics, and gives them a little twist for the better!