The Trellis Cafe
We had a wonderful time today eating and visiting with staff at the Trellis Cafe located at Thanksgiving Point. As we entered Trellis we were personally greeted by the manager Jen, who greets every guest and shows them to their seats. We watched as Jen called her guest by names and talked with them about details of their lives. We could tell that from the moment you walk into this restaurant, you're family.
              There are many things that make this restaurant an unique dining experience from the blackberry lemonade (come thirsty because it is amazing) to the macaroon cookie that comes with every meal as a thank you from the staff for coming in, but the thing that hit us the most as we enjoyed our meals was the ambiance.  It is elegant and feels like a fine dining restaurant, but at the same time still casual and family friendly. There are even Wikki Stix for the kids to play with as they wait for their food (all themed to Thanksgiving Point-dinos, farm animals, food, ect-). There was something more then just the spectacular views of the Thanksgiving Point Gardens,  the staff was all smiles and took care of our needs before we even knew it. The gardens came alive with the beautiful flowers planted all over the patio. Our waiter pointed out which flowers the hummingbirds like the best, and what trees to watch for small animals. Before our food even came we felt at home.
Blackberry Lemonade
               The food increased this already amazing experience when it came. The Trellis Cafe makes their food from natural, organic, and fresh ingredients. Their weekend specials are made with food they buy at the Friday Farmer's Market hosted at Thanksgiving Point. How could they get fresher then that? They do it by using food they farm on property in their menu. We had the opportunity to see some of their gardens and we're taken back by how much love goes into the growing of the food.
               We enjoyed great food and amazing services at The Trellis Cafe. Everything from the  homemade  on-site to the sweet potato fries tasted amazing. We could see why the Trellis Salad was our waiters favorite. With fresh berries, cheese, and nuts served over mixed greens topped with a raspberry vinaigrette. It was filling and healthy. We also had the Smoked Turkey and Avocado sandwich. The hickory smoked bacon complemented the smoked turkey perfectly, the fresh lettuce, tomato, and avocado filled out the flavor and it was all served on toasted sourdough.
Smoked Turkey and Avocado Sandwich
           We had the opportunity to sit down with Jen and talk about the restaurant. She has been with Trellis for 10 years and loves it. She told us about her hiring practices, she hires people with the personality and teaches them to work in a restaurant. Everyone we interacted with at Trellis was so nice and fit the "personality" of the restaurant. We learned from her that this years menu is a combination of guest favorites.  Jen told us about fitting the restaurant into the mission of Thanksgiving Point and how it was more then just a a place to eat, but a place away from the noise of the world. Someplace guest can come to experience nature.

The Trellis Cafe is open from April to mid October, Monday-Saturday. They are open Monday through Friday 11am to 3pm and Saturdays from 11am to 4pm. Stop by to try some amazing food and say hi to a friendly and welcoming staff.    

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