Do you love cookies? Do you love Dirty Dr. Pepper? I thought you would and so do we. There is a new place in Provo to get your fix, and that place is Sodalicious. I love everything about this place, they even have pebble ice! They are located on 30 West 300 North in Provo (behind the barber shop). You can walk up or drive by. Everyone there is so nice and you'll love trying something new! One suggestion to start you off is "Your Mom", a Dr. Pepper with Blackberry and Coconut. You can also get  "Your Mom  Extra Dirty" with half and half in it. Say it with a straight face I dare you!  Other favorites include Mango Mountain Dew, Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper, and Hot Lava with Peppermint Bark. Hot Lava is like drinking melted chocolate mixed with childhood and the Holidays. Whatever you get to drink, you have to try one of their amazing cookies. Our office loved the Chocolate Fudge and Sugar Cookie.  So become a sodalushes (an affectionate name for their customers) and head on over to Sodalicious right now!