Rita's Ice newest location in Utah is in Provo at 1283 North University Ave. At Rita's you can enjoy Italian Ice, Cream Ice, Gelati, Misto, Frozen Custard, Blendini, Sugar Free Italian Ice, Milkshakes, Light Vanilla Custard, and Custard Cakes. If you don't know what all these are don't worry they're all great and we will tell you a little about each.

Italian Ice-Made fresh daily at the location with ice and real fresh fruit.
Cream Ice-It only takes on bit of the cream ice to know you love it. It is smooth, silky, flavorful goodness. Think hard ice cream icy.
Gelati-Take a layer of custard, a layer of your favorite cream ice flavor, and another layer of custard.
Misto- They take the gelati and blend it into a cool, creamy drink.
Frozen Custard-You can get it in a cone or with your cream ice.
Blendini-You pick your favorite ice custard flavor and a mix-in and they will blend it to perfection.
Milkshake- These come in vanilla or chocolate and can be topped with whipped cream.

We tried a Swedish Fish and Vanilla Gelati and loved it. It is like summer in a cup! The creamed ice and frozen custard are perfect together. We also tried cookies n' cream, chocolate chip mint, mango, and peanut butter chocolate cream ice. We loved everything we tried.

We were able to go to the grand opening a few weeks ago. Here are some fun photos of that day: