Something new and exciting has come to Provo... DOLE Whip! Ice-n-Cream is a new dessert parlor located on Freedom Blv. Their specialty is the famous DOLE Whip Pineapple soft serve ice cream just like at Disneyland, but they also have amazing Dole Raspberry and delicious Hawaiian shaved ice! They have over 50 flavors to choose from and all their flavors are directly imported from Hawaii.

We loved the twist DOLE Whip soft serve with both the pineapple and raspberry ice cream with Li-Hing-Mui powder (traveling plum) on top. The ice cream is amazing and the powder only enhances the flavor. Try it in a waffle cone or a bowl. Stop by today and bring the little ones, they have kids sizes just for them. They will also enjoy the wall size chalkboard.