Emanuel's Fresh Grill rocked our world today. The food at Emanuel's is made fresh and fast. It falls someplace in between a fast food restaurant and a sit down. You get the speed of fast food and the quality of a sit down restaurant. Most things are made from scratch in the restaurant. The owners gave us a tour of the back kitchen and we were amazed at all the work that goes into cutting all the vegetables and making the salsas everyday. They even make their own chips! They told us that if they wouldn't eat it, they don't serve it in the restaurant. They hand cut the meat to make sure it's done right and cook it up themselves. We watched as they made a California Burrito (the must have at this restaurant). He cooked the meat after the order went in and topped it with fresh everything. They only have the best ingredients in the restaurant, and that includes the kind of meats they serve. They even have a salsa bar for guest to fill up on their favorite kinds. We tried the fried ice cream on our visit and we loved it. The ice cream was topped with coconut, chocolate, caramel, whipped cream and a cherry. The outside was fried to the perfect crispiness and the inside was soft and amazing.
They focus on three things at Emanuel's:  good food, cleanliness, and customer service. You can taste the difference at Emanuel's Fresh Grill!

520 N 900 E Provo Utah
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