Blue Cattle Truck is a local company located in Springville that provides some of the worlds best vanilla. Grown in Mexico by the Canosa family and imported here to Utah by Molly Anderson, Blue Cattle Trucks' vanilla has won multiple awards and been featured on shows such as Martha Stewart's Cupcake Show, Food Network's Throwdown with Bobby Flay and Cooking with the Neely's. The Visitors Bureau Gift Shop carries Blue Cattle Trucks traditional vanilla in 16.7 oz, 8.4 oz and 3.3. oz bottles. Come pick up this award winning vanilla while it's on sale!

Regular Retail:

16.7 oz: $24.95

8.4 oz: $14.95

3.3 oz: $9.95

This weeks discount price:

16.7 oz: $19.95

8.4 oz: $12.95

3.3 oz: $7.95