Come explore Utah Valley’s amazing food scene with some of the best places to eat in Utah. With over 900 different restaurants, including 100 food trucks, Utah County is where you'll find award winning food, locally sourced ingredients, and dozens of local favorites. 

Whatever you’re in the mood for, whether Indian food or funeral potatoes and fried chicken, Utah Valley probably has it, especially since there are 28 international food cultures represented from residents who have either lived outside the U.S. for a time or who have come from around the world to the valley. 

While staying in Utah Valley, head over to Downtown Provo to begin your culinary expedition. Downtown Provo offers a dining experience that reflects the locally sourced foods of the nearby farms and agricultural providers. With fresh, locally sourced produce and meat products, our Provo restaurants in the convention district offer visitors and residents a chance to support the local economy while indulging in unique delicacies and regional favorites. 

You truly can find a restaurant here that will satisfy your cravings, no matter the budget or atmosphere. From the casual drive through soda shop or handmade ice cream at Rockwell’s  to the fine dining offered at the Tree Room at Sundance Mountain Resort, or the Native American inspired dishes from Black Sheep Cafe, Utah Valley is known for its dining options.

Another advantage of grabbing a meal in Utah Valley is the range of diet-friendly eateries available. Health conscious individuals wanting to eat local while looking for organic foods, gluten-free choices, or simply wanting to boost their daily fruits and vegetables intake, can relax knowing that many of our restaurants cater to those with special dietary needs.

When you experience the many different restaurants in Provo, Utah, or really any of the restaurants in Utah County, you’ll also notice breath-taking views of the Rocky Mountains. Some might say that this makes the comfort food taste even better and enhances some of the best food in Utah.

See below to learn more about all the great local food experiences that are available from early in the morning to late at night and then see our restaurants page for information on each restaurant or check our foodie guide for the best food in Utah Valley. Be sure to keep our website bookmarked for when you are planning your next visit to Utah Valley

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