Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, Utah, has permanently closed its doors. Known for its immersive fantasy adventures, Evermore struggled with financial issues for years and was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite its magical design and Halloween charm, the park couldn't sustain its business model.

Brandon Fugal, owner of Evermore Park Investments LLC, confirmed the closure. "Evermore has struggled over the years to make their business model work," he told KSL TV. The park has been evicted from the property, but Fugal promises a bright future for the site.

Fugal is already working with a new enterprise to bring fresh life to the 12.75-acre, 27-building lot. While details are still confidential, there's talk of a new attraction called The Crooked Lantern Tavern. This new venture aims to continue the magical atmosphere that Evermore fans loved.

Evermore Park began as a home haunted adventure in the late 2000s, transforming into a year-round theatrical theme park. It officially opened in 2018, attracting visitors with its medieval and Victorian world. The park became a favorite spot, especially during Halloween, and earned international recognition.

Despite its closure, Evermore leaves behind a legacy of creativity and magic. Visitors from around the world enjoyed its immersive experiences, contributing to its special place in many hearts.

As we say goodbye to Evermore, we look forward to the new adventures that new attractions might bring. Stay tuned for updates on what’s next for this enchanting location.