Downtown Provo

We have some exciting news!  Finding things in Downtown Provo just got even easier.  An all new interactive app, called the Downtown Provo app, has been officially launched into the market. The cool thing about the app is that everything is organized so neatly and finding restaurants, events, businesses, and anything you can possibly think of is so very easy.  We love the app because the icon can be sitting there handy on your phone, ready for you to click whenever you need to find something quick. For example: if you are like some of us in the CVB office, you hop in the car on date night and just drive until you find a restaurant you both agree on.  Sometimes this drive turns into a 30 minute commute and winds you right back to the same fast-food restaurant you always go to!  Break that habit! Now, you can hop in the car and click through a quick list, read off the entree options, and head directly to the restaurant with a map right there on your phone. How cool is that? Restaurant listings aren't the only thing available though, so this app will become your best friend. 

Check out the app for yourself to see what we are raving about!  It is completely free and can be downloaded for Android or Apple markets. Visit the Downtown Provo, Inc. website at!app/c1eua to find out more information and click the download button right from their site.