Our office seems to be feeling the Olympic withdrawal symptoms, even if it has only been over for one day. Is anyone else out there feeling the withdrawal too?? We sure will miss the competition and unity that has been going on over the past two weeks! We also will miss the intriguing back stories covered on our local news stations about our local athletes.

One of the interesting and less talked about sports that has seemed to capture the world's attention this year is the equestrian events. A lot of attention has been on Ann Romney's horse Rafalca which has got us thinking about our equestrian ties here in the county. How cool would it be to see the beautiful elegance of these horses LIVE in person?? This week the infamous Utah County Fair begins and you will get your chance! Your Olympic withdrawals can be taken care of; what great timing.

So here's the deal, the new Spanish Fork Fairgrounds will be host to the Oak Hill Vaulters this week.  You can witness a live vaulting performance ( a combination of gymnastics and horsesmanship) this Thursday and Friday at 4:30 pm. You won't want to miss this free show and what a great opportunity it will be to see something you don't get to everyday! Take the kids or some friends on over to witness the beauty.

Check out http://www.utahvalley.com/events/details.aspx?ID=1240 for more information on the event and all the fun things going on this week at the Utah County Fair.

Utah County Fair
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