One of the things I love about living in Utah Valley is all of the wonderful educational oppurtunities we have to offer. Being a proclaimed nerd, having BYU and UVU ten minutes away fills most of my geeky history needs. For example, the BYU Museum of People's and Cultures just opened their new location on 2201 Canyon Rd. and I was lucky enough to score a behind the scenes tour.

The Museum is student run and it's purpose is to give students an academic setting in which they can curate exhibitions while preserving the museum's collections. Their current exhibit is focused on the history of the MPC and how it's techniques and collections have developed over time. While the purpose of the Museum might be academic, it is open to the public.

Wandering around the exhibits, you get a sense of the passion our ancestors had for discovering the secrets of the past. Hearing how Benjamin Cluff led a group of students down to Colombia on horseback to find archeological evidence of the Book of Mormon and the trials they went through for the sake of knowledge is kind of inspiring. Looking at the arrowheads and pottery found in digs here in Provo was an eyeopener. I had no idea there were archeological excavations going on in the valley. We have a unique and rich history in the area, it seems a waste to not explore it. I'm glad we have places like the Museum of People and Cultures around, as they connect me not only to civilizations of the past, but make me thing about my own past and where I'm headed in the future.

So whether you're looking for a slice of life from days of yore, a space for introspection, or just want to see some really cool artifacts in your free time, drop by the Museum of People and Cultures and you'll get the oppurtunity to do all three.