(This photo was taken off of the American Collectors Facebook page and was in no way produced by the UVCVB).

We received some exciting news the other day at the CVB and we simply can't wait to tell you. So listen up! Have you ever seen spectacular pictures or film of vintage cars out on beautiful roadways?  Guess where has an opportunity to be the next star roadway of one of these photos? Our very own Utah Valley! But in order for this to happen, we need your help.

American Detours is putting the public in charge of choosing the next roadway through a voting system. Voters also get the opportunity to say what "can't miss" spots should be incorporated into each road trip.  So we need your vote and input to get these cars here in Utah Valley! We are competing against five other options  but we all know the "Bonneville from Orem, Utah" is the best route. If we win, you can view webisodes from their trips online and other great things. Additionally, you will be entered in to be one of the $100 winners each day.

Go to this link to vote: http://www.americancollectors.com/Americandetours/

We can do this Utah Valley!