Clearly, summer is the season of contests and giveaways!
I'm super excited to share information about a giveaway on our UVTogether site as well as a new contest we're hosting on Friday!

On our Utah Valley Together site, we're giving away 2 tickets to dinner and a concert as a part of Sundance's Bluebird Cafe concert series. There's nothing like an evening of good music and good food all enjoyed in the beautiful atmosphere of Sundance!

Be sure to click here to enter by 6/19/2014! The winner will be announced via E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter on Friday.

We're also running another contest this Friday as a part of our Stadium of Fire ticket giveaway. It's a treasure hunt! 

Somewhere in Utah Valley, a special treasure has been hidden and now it's up to you to find it!

Sign up anytime between now and Friday by sending an e-mail to: On Friday, we'll e-mail a clue out to all participants. The first participant to figure out the clue, find the treasure, and bring it to the Utah Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau will win 2 tickets to Stadium of Fire!

Make sure you spread the word via social media using #VisitUtahValley.

Best of luck to all!!