Welcome new students!

I am so excited for you to start your college adventure in Utah Valley! As a senior who is graduating soon, I'm starting to realize how important it is to take advantage of this time and place. So I've whipped a little guide for Utah Valley with all the cool things to eat and do here.     

Grab a polish dog at JDawgs

J Dawgs

Go to a concert at Velour or Muse


Hike Mount Timpanogos

Mount Timp 

Have dinner at a food truck rally

Food Truck 

Go to an art stroll in Downtown Provo

Art Stroll 

Visit the Hare Krishna Temple for a festival

Holi Festival of Colors 

Try a pieshake at Zeek's

Zeek's Pieshake Parlour 

Go Country or Salsa Dancing

Salsa Chocolate

Caffeine up at Sodalicious or Swig