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Rock Climbing in American Fork Canyon

It was a beautiful summer day and we knew we wanted to get outdoors to soak up some vitamin D. American Fork Canyon was calling our name. We loaded up the climbing gear and we set off on an adventure, anxious to get up on the rock. We could smell Joe’s Cafe from a mile away. I have no idea how it…

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5 Great Places to Fat Tire Bike in Utah County

To clean or to bike, that is the question. Life is filled to the brim. The saying, “my cup overfloweth” is an understatement. Getting caught up in all of the to-do lists and packing our lives so full often ends in disappointment. Disappointment that we missed a gorgeous day to get outdoors. Today I…

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The Surprising Sport of Skate Skiing

There are many ways to enjoy winter here with a variety of things to do in Utah Valley. Some of our favorite family activities are ice skating on Utah Lake, downhill skiing at Sundance Resort, sledding at Rock Canyon Park, and a favorite - skate skiing up Provo Canyon at the Sundance Nordic Center…

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Guided Fly Fishing in Provo Utah

Have you ever envied those anglers you see fly fishing in mountain streams? Standing knee-high in icy cold coursing water while trying to hook some trout? Doesn’t that sound amazing! I’ve fished from the shore using bait and basic fishing gear a handful of times but decided I needed to evolve to the…

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Famous YouTuber’s Favorite Utah Valley Spots

Imagine the travel destination of your dreams— Iceland? France? Japan? Devin Graham has been there. Maybe your ideal spot is more off the beaten path. Saudi Arabia? Uzbekistan? Zambia? Devin’s been there, too. Not only has he visited, but everything he does in these locations is worthy of its own…

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7 Unique "Sports" in Utah Valley

Cover Photo: Isaac Hale from the Daily Herald Who LOVES sports?? Okay, so maybe you didn't raise your hand, but we guarantee you that at least one thing (if not everything!) on this list of "unique sports" will be right up your ally! And just in case you're not convinced, here is the definition of…

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