When strolling through Downtown Provo, you can see just how talented the artists in Utah Valley are. Walking among the buildings downtown, you’ll run across a series of murals that reflect the unique destination that is Provo. These are not works you see from typical graffiti artists, but show an array of techniques and styles from varying mural artists all for free! 

Pair your art scavenger hunt with the Art Stroll, a free event that takes place the first Friday of every month, and take in pieces from both street artists and those showcasing their work inside local businesses. 

Read on to view some of the finest Utah art pieces in Provo’s outdoor gallery. For a more complete listing Provo murals, scroll to the bottom of this post to find a link to Downtown Provo’s mural map. 

1. One Time in Provo 

One Time in Provo Mural - Bucket List Family

  • Artist: Alex Vaughn, sponsored by Google Fiber

  • Where it is: 250 W Center St

Of all the murals in Utah Valley, this one is a must-see. It serves as a perfect reminder of all the fun times and fond memories you had while visiting Provo. 

2. Change What You Can 

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Artist: Dean Cheesman

  • Where it is: near 200 W 500 S

If you’re in need of some personal motivation, check out this piece by Dean Cheesman. You’ll find that several Provo murals provide uplifting messages and inspire people to live their best lives. This one is a prime example.

3. Albert Einstein 

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Artist: Tute Genomics

  • Where it is: 150 S 100 W

Tute Genomics has created a few of the murals featured on this list, and are some of the most Instagrammed murals in Provo. This iconic work of a pixelated Einstein is adjacent to some beautiful colored walls.

4. The Faces 

Top 10 Things to Do in Downtown Provo

  • Artist: The Neighborhood Art Center (community project)

  • Where it is: 163 N University Ave

Provo has a youthful lively spirit which is easily portrayed here. Walking along University Avenue and seeing this mural is sure to bring a smile to your face.

5. Provo City 

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Artist: George Patterson

  • Where it is: 397 E 200 N (Provo Bicycle Collective)

Find this mural of Provo City and take a picture with your favorite people in front of the painted Y, the temple, or other well known Provo sights!

6. Chom's Yum 

Murals in Downtown Provo

Picture Credit: Downtown Provo

  • Artist: BYU Design Group, AIGA BYU

  • Where it is:45 W 300 N (at CHOM)

It's basically essential that you take pictures with your food from CHOM Burger at this mural.

7. This is Our Home 

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Artist: BYU Design Class 2018

  • Where it is: 111 W 600 S (side of Startup Building)

It may be located in a parking lot, but this mural is still picture perfect, especially for locals to Provo.

8. Guru's Wall 

Murals in Downtown Provo

This colorful mural represents BYU and UVU with a rainbow ribbon running through the middle and great Hindu vibes.

9. Mariachi Band 

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Artist: Ainsley Romero

  • Where it is: 39 W 200 N

This quirky mural showcases the various art forms mural art is able to depict, while giving a nod to diverse cultures you can find in the city.

10. Floppy Disks 

Murals in Downtown Provo

Picture Credit: Instagram account @nora_celestial

  • Artist: Ancestry UX Team

  • Where it is: 200 N University Ave

Many kids in the younger generations might not recognize the objects shown is this mural, so as a bonus it doubles as history lesson! Capture the perfect picture for the 'gram at this hipster-ish, cool mural.

11. Colorful Bubbles 

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Where it is: 32 S Freedom Blvd (at FishKiss)

After a visit to FishKiss Fish Spa, continue your aquatic adventure with taking pictures by this wall that looks like multicolored bubbles.

12. What Are you Waiting For 

Murals in Downtown Provo

Picture Credit: Instagram account @tea_obsession

  • Artist: Brittany Jepsen

  • Where it is: 145 N University Ave

Another motivating painting, this one will make you want to fulfill all your dreams!

13. The Best Gift is You 

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Artist: Dallas Clayton and young artists

  • Where it is: 52 N 100 W

Add a feel-good moment to your day by snapping a picture of yourself with this beloved Provo mural. 

14. Indigenous Bison 

Indigenous Mural

  • Artist: Hayley Barry

  • Where it is: 40 W 100 N

This mural is a throwback to Provo's history, where bison once reigned supreme, wandering wherever they pleased.

15. Startup Building 

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Artist: The House Lars Built (community project)

  • Where it is: 111 W 600 S (Startup Building)

The Startup Building has murals on many of its walls. This abstract mural has several different vantage points perfect for pictures!

16. Pokemon 

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Where it is: 150 S 100 W

Back when Pokemon Go was all the rave, this mural came into existence. While the craze surrounding the game might hav e died down, the mural is still cool, so go visit it.

17. The Birds and the Bee 

Birds and Bee Mural

Picture Credit: Instagram account @rhigee_

Often artists create pieces meant to generate discussion about important current events, and this piece is a perfect embodiment of that concept. Commissioned by Nu Skin, Louis Masai created this painting of the Gunnison Sage Grouse to highlight the issues facing endangered species and what we as a society can do to create solutions.

18. Provo Bicycle

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Where it is: 470 W Center St

Provo is a silver level bicycle friendly community according to the League of American Bicyclists, and this work illustrates the city’s commitment to maintaining this status.

19. The Empress

The Empress Mural

  • Artist: Haily South
  • Where it is: 145 N. University Avenue

Located in a small parking lot behind Mozz Pizza, this stunning artwork is located right next to the What Are You Waiting for Mural, and a short walking distance from the Indigenous and Mariachi pieces. Grab some snacks and see how many of these paintings you can find within an hour!

20. Travel Posters 

Murals in Downtown Provo

  • Artist: Kolby Larsen

  • Where it is: 250 W Center St

While these banners aren’t technically considered murals since they’re not painted on a wall, they are still a great sight to behold. They feature some of the most quintessential Provo destinations and are a part of a series of showcasing Utah Valley Iconic Locations.

21. Pioneer Book 

Top 10 Things to Do in Downtown Provo

This quaint bookstore attracts visitors with its incredible mural of books along its storefront, including Provo's cult favorites like Lord of the Rings and Pride & Prejudice.

For a map showing where to find many of these murals, visit Downtown Provo's website. There are so many other murals in Provo that are not on this list and the search is never over--Downtown Provo is frequently sponsoring new art pieces! Check out their Instagram account or search the hashtag #provowalls for more info and to keep up with the new murals that are painted and have become beautiful street art.

For more ideas on fun free things to do in the area, check out our free activities page! (P.S. this mural hunt is really fun to do on a city scooter!)