I feel like Colby and I haven't blogged in a while. I'm so sorry. But we have cooked up quite the treat for you this month! All of our dates have a "haunted" theme to them. We discovered some crazy things you can do here in Utah Valley for Halloween that we had never heard of. And when I say crazy, I really mean it; just you wait for all these blog posts this month!

This week we discovered an activity that if you can't find a babysitter for your kids, they can come too. We heard about CLAS Ropes Halloween Adventure Cruise and thought we'd go check it out. I'd also like to throw out that all the couples that were "too busy" to come really missed out! Colby and I had so much fun.

CLAS Ropes is located on Center Street in Provo down by Utah Lake. When you arrive, they have a Halloween movie playing while you wait for your group to be called, along with concessions for purchase.
We had about a 30 minute wait, so we grabbed some popcorn and enjoyed the movie. The captain (tour guide) of your boat announces your group name and you follow him down the path leading to the dock. The dock was covered in lights and spider webs; prepping you for your adventure on the boat.

I didn't know this, but the river you float down is actually the Provo river. CLAS Ropes has decorated the river banks with over 100 hand-carved pumpkins that reflect off of the water. Not to mention all the amazing light work they did along the river. This truly is a unique boat adventure. Your captain shares scary stories and songs and a pirate even comes to attack your ship. Luckily, the pirate is a pretty nice guy, and brings candy with him to share :)
The boat can accommodate up to 40 people so don't be surprised if there is a small wait to get on! You can also reserve an entire boat for your group for just $175 Tues-Thurs, or $195 Fri, Sat, and Mon. The ride costs $8.00 per person to ride. You can find a dollar off coupon on their website here. The ride is open now until October 31. They are open 6:30pm-9pm M-Th and 6:30pm-10pm Fri & Sat.  

Best captain ever