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9 Adorable Animal Experiences in Utah Valley

Utah Valley has some amazing places you can go to experience animals firsthand and we're not just talking cats and dogs either! Here in the valley, you can rent a llama, do yoga with goats, play with foxes, ride ponies, and so much more! Here are our 8 favorite places to have some fun with cute…

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Experiencing Utah Valley from a Propeller Plane

The natural beauty found throughout Utah Valley is stunning, plentiful, and far-spread. This can be a challenge as a landscape photographer because I am constantly torn on which of the dozens of picturesque locations I should prioritize, especially when I am short on time. After some time…

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The Guide to Mural Hunting in Downtown Provo

When strolling through Downtown Provo, you can see just how talented the artists in Utah Valley are. Walking among the buildings downtown, you’ll run across a series of murals that reflect the unique destination that is Provo. These are not works you see from typical graffiti artists, but show an…

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170+ Things to Do in Provo

How well have you explored Provo? There are probably many things in Provo you have never done before! We came up with 170+ things to do in Provo to get you started. Enjoy! Visit the BYU Botany Pond and Grounds Hike Mount Timpanogos Go ice skating at Peaks Ice Arena Watch BYU Basketball team at the…

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Rock Climbing in Rock Canyon

When our family first got into rock climbing, I was under the impression that if we wanted to get to the best climbs, we would have to hike, drive, or travel hours away from where we lived in Mapleton. Then, we started climbing in Rock Canyon. One of the best places to go rock climbing in Provo is…

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50+ Fun Date Ideas in Utah Valley

Ah, Utah can be the worst of times, it can be the best of times. But by going to one of the following places, you're guaranteed to have the BEST of times! Find ideas for that memorable first date, or an active adventure to prove your budding relationship. This list will supply you with…

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