The Epic Utah Valley Spring Bucket List!

Warmer temperatures mean that spring is on its way! Spring is a lovely time in Utah Valley: flowers are blooming, hiking trails are opening up again, and festivals are starting. Make the most of this beautiful time of year by participating in any of these springtime activities. 1. Go to the Tulip…

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Utah Valley's 14 Most Romantic Places to Visit

You don’t need destinations like Salt Lake City or Deer Valley this Winter season to find your next romantic getaway. Instead, you can find it here in the heart of Utah: Utah Valley. Utah Valley is known for its dating scene. Married and single people alike can find romantic date ideas throughout…

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UVX Schedule & Map - 10 Things to Do Along The Route

Exploring things to do in Orem and Provo has become easier with Utah Valley Express UVX--a free bus service that travels from the Orem Central Station to south of the Provo Central Station. This public transportation system is a great way to get around for locals, students, and tourists. Here are…

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9 Adorable Animal Experiences in Utah Valley

Utah Valley has some amazing places you can go to experience animals firsthand and we're not just talking cats and dogs either! Here in the valley, you can rent a llama, do yoga with goats, play with foxes, ride ponies, and so much more! Here are our 8 favorite places to have some fun with cute…

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Utah Valley Fireflies: Thompson Century Farm

While growing up in the excessive heat of Arizona, I often heard about the wonder of summers in Utah Valley. A cool river to tube in, hikes along rivers, and a waterpark at the base of a mountain made Utah Valley sound like a haven during the warm months of the year. Now that I live here myself I…

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Beginner Rock Climbing in Utah Valley

Utah County has some of the best climbing destinations in the world. With so many different options, it can be hard to choose where to start. In fact, climbing here can sometimes feel like reading the menu at The Cheesecake Factory. Here are my recommendations for where to go as you learn to rock…

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