There are several reasons to love Utah Valley: the surrounding majestic mountains, a variety of restaurants and of course chocolate. We’ve all heard of “farm-to-table” but have you ever heard of “bean-to-bar”? Just ask one of our local artisan chocolate makers from Taste and they will teach you and your family how to truly “taste” chocolate.  

The mountains that surround the city of Provo aren’t just for show, they are also a great recipe in making some of the best chocolate you can find. Taste handpicks their cacao (pronounced ca-cow) beans from different places around the world. Utah Valley’s high altitude and low humidity is key when making the perfect chocolate bar. Taste’s goal is to “showcase the complexity and depth of flavor that the world’s finest cacao has to offer.'' There are over 140 different flavor notes one can experience when tasting chocolate and Taste brings the best flavor they possibly can out of each bean. 

Taste Chocolate ensures everyone has an incredible food and chocolate experience, offering chocolate, cheese, oil and vinegar tastings where you will learn the story behind each food. They will teach you how to pick up certain flavor notes of artisan chocolate that makes it unique compared to commercial chocolate. At Taste, try dessert or attend a mini tasting where they discuss the variety of chocolate bars in-depth, from the sound the bar makes when you break off a piece to the scent of each chocolate bar.

Most people enjoy eating chocolate but not many have tasted chocolate like this before. The next time you’re in Provo make sure to spend some time at Taste, even if it’s just to buy a couple of Taste’s favorite chocolate bars. You’ll discover new ways to love chocolate even more and find your happy here.

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