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Horror Comes to Utah!

Provo, Utah

The World Horror Convention, an international gathering of horror writers, artists, editors, filmmakers, and fans, will converge on the Provo Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Provo, Utah, April 28 to May 1, 2016. This is the third and final time this premiere event will come to Utah. It was in Salt Lake City twice and now it will experience Downtown Provo.

WHC, a semi-professional conference, will have panels and presentations featuring professionals in the field on subjects as diverse as current literature, true crime, horror poetry, dark fantasy, horror art, Vincent Price, the developmental stages of a serial killer, Cracking the Story Code, Police Procedurals for Writers, and the dark side of Disney. A special "killer tea" will feature a keynote speaker who will help authors find creative ways to kill people with food. The event includes an art show, vendors' room, horror film festival, kaffeeklatsches, tabletop games, and book signing by 100 horror authors. Workshops and pitch sessions will be available for writers and an artist alley will showcase artists at work. Guests will also have the opportunity to go on a real ghost hunt -- led by a local paranormal investigator. The art show and vendors' room will be open to the public. We encourage all fans of horror art and literature to take advatanage of the opportunity to buy art and books in the horror genre.

The event will feature some of the top authors in horror fiction, including Darren Shan, Jack Ketchum, Joe McKinney, Brian Keene, Kevin J. Anderson, Michaelbrent Collings, Michael Arnzen, Dan Wells, and Jeff Strand. It will also feature poet Linda Addison, cover and concept artist Keith Thompson, graphic novel and cover artist, Carter Reid, scholar, editor and author, Michael R. Collings, and editor and publisher duo Jason V. and Sunni K. Brock. In addition, Victoria Price, daughter of famed actor Vincent Price, will do a presentation on her father and have some of his work available for sale.

The World Horror Convention, established in 1991, is the premiere event for horror fans and professionals alike. It is held in a different location every year and celebrates the horror genre. The 2016 World Horror Convention will showcase a growing community of professional authors and artists in Utah as well as a number of guests from around the world..

While the event is small, with about 400 attendees, the majority are from out of state and will spend their evenings socializing at the local bars, restaurants and clubs. This will bring additional revenue to downtown Provo. These attendees are active on social media and will blog, tweet, pin and post about their experience in Provo. This will help a wide audience hear how truly great Provo is as a travel destination.

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