The Odd Couple at Hale Center Theater Orem 

Two unlikely roommates – a neat-freak journalist and a sloppy sports writer – drive each other up the wall in this laugh-out-loud, screwball comedy. Oscar, who is divorced, and Felix, who has only recently split up, must learn what it means to get along. This classic is just the right amount of odd.

The Odd Couple will run from Dec. 31 – Feb. 9 nightly at 7:30PM

The Odd Couple at Hale Center Theater Orem

Production Team

Director – David Morgan

Production Stage Manager – Meagan M. Downey

Costume Design – Peter Terry

Hair and Make-up Design – Janna Larsen

Technical Direction & Sound Design – Cole McClure

Scenic Design – Bobby Swenson

Lighting Design – Cody Swenson

Properties – Linda Hale

The Cast

Oscar Madison

Jake Ben Suazo

Felix Unger

Geoff Means


Archelaus Crisanto


Bryan M. Daley


Ben Parkes


Daniel Hess

Gwendolyn Pigeon

Alice Johnson

Cecily Pigeon

Becca Ashton

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By Joseph Paul Branca, Director of Marketing and Advertising, Hale Center Theater Orem
Photo credit: Suzy Oliviera