Broke Eatery is a truly unique restaurant in Utah Valley, and has a unique strategy that has been turning some heads.  With overwhelming positive 5/5 star reviews, Broke Eatery has an extremely unique menu.  Each day the restaurant prepares a special entree and dessert for lunch and one unique meal for dinner.  There's always something new and nothing is repeated unless there is a popular demand of course.  Each day customers come in and experience what it's like to eat a 5 star meal.  Currently, Broke Eatery has 50+ reviews from the public on their Facebook page, and every person voted Broke Eatery 5 stars.  The Chef prepares his meals with world class excellence and will occasionally hand deliver his masterpiece right to your table.  Every day a new dish is prepared, and every day a picture of the food is published on their Facebook page to show what is to come.

If you haven't been to Broke Eatery, you should.  Experience it for yourself.

295 Center Street
Provo, Utah 84601


Broke Eatery