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  • Aspen Grove Sundance, UT 84604
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Off the backside of Mount Timpanogos lies Iceberg thats runoff produces Stewart Falls. A one and a half mile hike in the scenic Wasatch Mountains near Sundance Mountain Resort leads to the icy cold waters that await you. Go ahead and walk under the falls, that is if you enjoy the the sensation mind numbing chills. Walk out the other side and take a few minutes to catch you stolen breath before you fill up your water bottle with the crystal clear ice water from the falls. Don't worry about the heat of summer on your hike back down just enjoy the beautiful scenery as your clothes slowly dry.
The main trail starts at Aspen Grove with an approximately four mile round trip hike. The hike from Aspen Grove begins above the amphitheater at Theater-in-the-Pines picnic area. It's next to the BYU Aspen Grove Camp on the Provo Canyon North Fork Road. You can also start in the parking lot where the trail that leads to Mt. Timpanogos starts. The trail starts at the far end of the parking lot, heading East. Shortly there after the trail switches back as you head up the ridge (this is the most difficult part of the trail because of the incline. The trail continues and is well marked and easy to find. This parking area also has bathrooms, so make use of them before you start your hike.
The scenery along the route is beautiful. There are a lot of trees and viewpoints along the trail. When you get close to the falls there is a steep section that you go down to the base of the falls. It is worth doing, although you will want to help any young children.

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