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Utah Dinosaur Adventure

Ever wonder where dinosaurs are found in Utah? Many dinosaurs have been found in Utah Valley, and you can see some amazing collections of Utah dinosaurs during your visit!

  • North American Museum of Ancient Life 
    • Travel back in time for a hands-on trip through the prehistoric world at Thanksgiving Point's North American Museum of Ancient Life in Utah Valley (largest dinosaur museum in the world), where kids can dig their own fossils, construct a giant dinosaur, or build their own private sand valley (complete with real eroding rivers). Museum goers can also enjoy larger-than-life educational films at the Mammoth Screen Theater.
  • BYU Museum of Paleontology 
    • The Brigham Young University Museum of Paleontology in Provo, Utah is world-renowned for its extensive collections of late Jurassic and early Cretaceous dinosaurs, including Supersaurus, Torvosaurus and Utahraptor. Exhibits include the largest and smallest dinosaurs, a 150 million year-old Allosaurus egg, fossil plants, minerals and an array of dinosaur, pterosaur and Ice Age mammal skeletons. Observe paleontologists working the lab, touch dinosaur skin and watch videos of our scientists collecting in the field.
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