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About Utah Valley

History and Heritage—Something Old, Something New

John Hutchings Museum of Natural History John Hutchings Museum of Natural History
The rich, deep and diverse history of Utah Valley adds to the ultimate experience of those that visit the area. Originally home to Native Americans, Utah Valley has also been the destination of Spanish explorers, mountain men and trappers, and pioneers emigrating to the West.

Most of Utah’s communities, and many of its historical and cultural attractions--are at least 150 years old and have continued to preserve and honor the past as they look to the future.

Interested in geology, Native American culture, or pioneer lore? There are many local museums or historical sites where you can learn something new about your favorite hobby or historical passion.

Are you a military history buff? Then take in Camp Floyd, located in Fairfield, Utah, which was once home to 3,500 troops, nearly one-third of the entire U.S. Army at that time. The troops were brought to Camp Floyd to respond to unfounded rumors of a rebellion in Utah. The troops remained at the site until 1851. Today, Camp Floyd features a museum including interactive, hands-on experiences providing an up-close look at 1800s military life.

Culture—Think Globally; Enjoy Locally

Utah Valley is rich in cultural experiences and the arts. It is home to two major universities, as well as gifted performers and teachers of art, music, theatre and dance.

The residents of Utah Valley also contribute to this experience by bringing a variety of cultural
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Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork Utah

backgrounds from around the world. For example, at Brigham Young University the student body represents more than 120 countries. More than three-fourths of the students speak a language other than their native tongue. Many Utah Valley residents have lived in other countries, and those experiences express themselves in the area’s multicultural attractions.

Bring everyone together in Utah Valley and make each visit educational, entertaining and unforgettable.

Other areas of interest:


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